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The objective of this tutorial is to teach you how to program computer vision applications, i.e. applications where you have to process images and (video) sequences of images. You will learn how to use MS Visual C++ and Intel OpenCV to build your applications.

Since this is a guide for beginners, efforts have been made to describe in details all the required steps to obtain the shown results. Special emphasis has been put on good programming principles through the recourse to the Object Oriented paradigm and the use of some design patterns. All the source codes presented in the tutorial are available for download.

Your comments and questions are welcome; however, because of the number of emails I receive, I cannot guarantee that they will all be answered. The OpenCV version 1.0 has been used to produce the examples below with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 under Windows XP.

OpenCV is the open source library offered by Intel through a BSD license and that is now widely used in the computer vision community. OpenCV can be easily installed from Sourceforge.net. The installer will create an OpenCV directory under your Program Files. This directory contains all the files needed to create your applications. Look at the docs directory, you will find there a very useful documentation.

(c) Robert Laganiere 2011