A DirectShow Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to use the Microsoft DirectShow technology. This library is particularly useful to process image sequences or sequences captures using PC cameras.

Since this is a guide for beginners, efforts have been made to describe in details all the necessary steps to obtain the shown results. In addition, all the source codes used here have been made available. Note, however, that the goal was to keep these programs as simple and short as possible; as a consequence the programming style is not always of good quality. In particular, a better adherence to the object-oriented paradigm would have considerably increased the quality of the programming.

Your comments and questions are welcome; however, because of the number of emails I receive, I cannot guarantee that they will all be answered.

The OpenCV beta 2.1 has been used to produce the examples below with DirectX 8.1 and Visual C++ 6.0 service pack 5 under Windows 2000. Note that this tutorial has been originally written in 2003, so it might be outdated on some aspects. An alternative (and open source) technology would be to use GStreamer; stay tune, we will write a tutorial on this soon...

(c) Robert Laganiere 2011